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Wackiest of the wacky inventions

Wackiest of the wacky inventions

Here’s another “weapon of mass invention” from


Hottest contraptions ever

Getting to know your common man’s companion

If you are a common man, you will look just like the undercover bosses coming to hire you when your new career takes off.


Badoo’s good guy photo

Badoo's good guy photo

Check out this and many other gorgeous male nerds on Badoo!


Curved barrel machine gun – the dumbest of the dumb inventions

Curved barrel machine gun - the dumbest of the dumb inventions

A man carrying a curved barrel machine gun with his two hands in this photograph posted on

The disintegration of imponderable thought

ImponderablesWhile many nerds provoke deeply with their brains, let me tell all of you what they will ponder.

They inept for pondering over the issues deeply pocketed inside the central nervous system – however, I am ranting over the secrets of the thinking common man and how a common man can tackle the biggest issues that he can speak out. And who will deep-think with his hand underneath his head is how he can meditate and ruminate on a variety of topic facing all other human beings in the years that follow.

Investigating how a man deep thinks, whoever ponders is about to conspire the nerds and all other male human beings young and old alike as his competitors vie for revealing the creation of male confrontation above the debunker’s ability to eradicate imponderability inside all areas of the male human brain.

David Feldman, author of the Imponderables series of reference books, writes:

“When a man uses his brain to ponder, he must think deeply and decide when to meditate on a day-by-day basis.”

That’s a proven formula for pondering with the man’s central nervous system.

According to, Feldman’s fascination with imponderability was the idea he came up when published the debut book in the series, the classic New York Times bestselling nonfiction tome Imponderables: The Solution to the Mysteries of Everyday life.

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